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EC-Council Security 5


Top 10 reasons to join NETSCOPE EC-Council Security 5 Career Program

  1. Authorized Training Center of EC-Council
  2. EC-Council Official Curriculum Original Books
  3. EC-Council Certified Instructors
  4. Certificate of Attendance from EC-Council
  5. Highly Equipped EC-Council Lab
  6. Approved by Ministry of Education UAE
  7. Customize Corporate Training
  8. EC-Council Exam Preparation
  9. Free Course Repeat Policy
  10. Real world Scenarios Based Training

What is Security5 Certification?
Any computer user needs to know how to protect their information assets and securely connect to another system over a network.
Security5 certification attests for the working knowledge a computer user possesses to achieve better efficiency in using computing resources.
The certification is targeted towards today's knowledge workers who use computing resources in their daily activities. It educates them on
practical aspects of security and networking to give them an advantage over common users.

The objective of the certification is to impart essential know-how to knowledge workers and for organizations to leverage from standard
security and networking practices. The knowledge base provided is of practical real-world value and does not plunge the learner into the
complexity these subjects usually warrant. This certification is an excellent complement to educational offerings in the domain of security and networking as it gives the student a hands-on exposure to the basic elements. This accelerates learning and acts as a catalyst to comprehending higher technology by the student. Security5 is also for the regular home user who uses online services and payment systems. The regular user is exposed to aspects of securing financial and critical information, maintaining privacy and availing the best of computing resources available.
Security5 is about empowering the knowledge worker with the information he needs to securely compute, network efficiently and be
in control of his computing environment.

Current Security Exam
Exam 112-12: Security Foundations

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