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Basic Computer & MS Office Course Outline

Basic Computer

 First Steps With the Computer
 Start the Computer
 Shut down the Computer using an Appropriate Routine
 Restart the Computer using an Appropriate Routine
 Understand the Terms Hardware, Software and Information Technology
 Hardware
 Software

Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista

 Working with Icons on Desktop
 Working with Different Parts of a Window
 Understanding the Hierarchical Structure of an Operating System
 Working with Folders and Files
 Deleting and Restoring Files and Folders
 Searching for Files and Directories
Computer Typing

Learn how to type using a typing Software

Ms Office 2007

Ms Word 2007
 Starting A Word Document
 Creating, Editing and printing a Word Document
 Formatting a Word Document
 Building Complex Documents Using Word

Ms Excel 2007
 Creating an Excel Worksheet
 Working Efficiently with Data and Calculations
 Charting and Analyzing Data

Ms PowerPoint 2007
 Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
 Enhancing a PowerPoint Presentation
 Delivering a PowerPoint Presentation

Ms Outlook 2007
 Using Outlook for E-Mail
 Setting up an E-Mail Account
 Composing and Sending E-Mail Message
 Checking E-Mail
 Sending and Receiving E-Mail Attachments
 Creating an E-Mail Signature

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